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Fake 'Facebook' invitation contains malicious software

Category: [Software, Trojan] Medium: [Email; Facebook] Platform: [Windows]

Bulletin Issued: [09/24/2008 11:10 PM GDT]
Unique Bulletin ID: [DCLR-7JSTZN]

If you are a user of the Social Networking site 'Facebook' you need to be aware of an email scam that is doing the rounds; victims receive a convincing-looking e-mail that purports to be an invitation from Facebook to add a new friend. However, if the attached image file (not actually a picture but a 'Trojan Horse' infective agent pretending to be a picture file) is activated it compromises the computer and leaves a path for hackers to take over control of the PC without the knowledge of the user. The message also includes a login form to the real Facebook home page to increase the appearance of authenticity.

The malicious Spam email appears to the recipient to have come from the valid domain '' but this is a spoofed address and the email is actually from the hacker gang perpetrating the exploit.

A warning from the Internet Security firm 'Websense' is linked below with samples of the actual exploit as well as advice from Sophos on Facebook security settings for users.

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Unique Bulletin ID: DCLR-7JSTZN